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eCommerce and web stores rely on quality product descriptions and copy to engage and entice potential customers to buy, which is why high quality eCommerce copywriting services are crucial for conversion and success. Whether you’re a small boutique shop looking to improve your descriptions, or a large scale online eCommerce store with hundreds of products, we can handle it.

As you write for eCommerce products, you’re writing to the consumer. Specifically, you’re writing in a way that persuades them to realize the facts and information outlined for them are acceptable and entice them to purchase and finish their shopping experience. Bringing a level of expertise, strategy and engagement to eCommerce copywriting services provides the business owner a reliable way to convey their brand vision, and successfully.

That means many online store website owners need more than just product descriptions, but also email copywriting services to ensure they are providing the best experience as possible all the way through the buying process, as many stores now rely on email to delivery their digital product or tracking / shipping information.

Crafting the right tone and message for eCommerce products takes a bit of finesse, and understanding of each product you’re writing about. That’s why each business we work with we spend as much time as possible researching and understanding the product, it’s messaging, and how we can engage them through copy.

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  • 5x 150 word descriptions
  • URL / Bolding / Italics
  • Optimized Keyword Density
  • 3x Revisions

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