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We provide full-scale freelance copywriting services for all types of industries and businesses, allowing them to gain more traffic, increase sales and improve engagement through quality content creation services.

Our entire team here at Lee Copywriting are freelancers in one area or another, all specialized in journalism and freelance copywriting services. They all use their various degrees and expertise to help our entire team create unforgettable, engaging experiences through email, press release and website copywriting services.

As you begin your search for a freelance copywriting service, be sure to look for a company that prides itself on communication and transparency, as they are deeply involved with your brand and it’s integrity to the public.

You also need to be sure to work with a copywriter that is reliable, and provides your content on a consistent basis, so that you can schedule your promotions and events, and feel secure they are going to meet the deadlines.

Finally, be sure to work with a freelance copywriter that enjoys writing! If there isn’t any passion in the writing, chances are the reader will notice something is off, and ruin your chances of capturing their attention in the future.

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You Get:
  • 100-500 Word length
  • URL / Bolding / Italics
  • Proper Formatting
  • 3x Revisions

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